Euthanasia and assisted death

Currently, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Colombia, Switzerland, and several states in the US permit some form of medically assisted death. This is an area of rapid change: In 2016, physician assisted death became legal in Canada and California; measures to legalize physician assisted death was approved in Washington, DC as well as in Colorado. A bill legalizing assisted death was defeated in the UK Parliament in 2015.

In Belgium and the Netherlands, a person with "unbearable and hopeless suffering" from psychiatric conditions can receive euthanasia and assisted suicide (EAS).  You can read about the experience in Belgium in a recent New Yorker article. Elderly people who are "tired of life" with non-fatal "geriatric" conditions can also receive EAS in those countries.

We recently published a study of Dutch psychiatric EAS cases (see right for link). I've written a post explaining the study.  Paul Appelbaum has written an excellent editorial.  You can also read coverage of our study in the New York Times and in Reuters among other media outlets.  

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